10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2019 (Perfect Health with Gym at Home)

adjustable dumbbells

Are you looking a new gym at home?

Looking to build up a new gym at home or trying to power up an old one? Then these adjustable dumbbells are the perfect weight to make that happen.

Equipping gyms is not an easy job. It takes a lot of investment in machines and weights. But it is not only about getting them – but also about choosing the right ones.

Dumbbells are among the most essential piece of equipment for a gym. Yet, they come in a wide array of designs and types to pick from. And if you don’t get the right ones – then you may end up with a piece of equipment no one wants to use, or that eventually rusts too fast.

To prevent that, you’ll have to pick only the best adjustable dumbbells out there.

In this article, we’re going over 10 of the highest-quality models in the market so you can have a better idea of what they have to offer. This will make it easy for you to pick the right one.

Care to learn more? Then come further and find out!

10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Include:

Editor Pick Best Adjustable Dumbbells

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Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

Bayou Fitness

Check Price on Amazon

Simple yet utterly practical – the Bayou Fitness is an excellent option for those who rely on ease of use.

That’s something to always go for when it comes to dumbbells, especially if we’re talking about the heavy-duty chrome-plated steel construction like this dumbbell has. This build will ensure a durable and resilient product, which can last several decades without problems.

It is essential to mention that it has a limit of 50 pounds in total. But with its adjustability system along with its storage stray, you can adjust the weight to anything you want from 10 to 50 pounds.

You won’t need several dumbbells with this one. Just select your preferred weight when it is on the tray, take it, and it will be ready to be used. You can get a pair if needed, and the 25-pound options as well, if you prefer something smaller.

  • Easy to adjust which makes it straightforward to use for most people
  • Excellent 10 to 50-pound limit which makes it ideal for most exercises
  • Practical storage stray saves time, effort, and space when not using
  • The weights or disc tend to move when using which can harm stability and make noise
  • They come with an extensive design which can make it uncomfortable for some exercises

What We Liked About It

We appreciate the storage tray it comes with that makes the whole storing process a lot easy. Also, it allows users to adjust the weight before taking it out, which adds tons of practicality. This saves time and effort when changing weights and storing.

Ringstar Starring Adjustable Dumbbells

Ringstar Starring

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A traditional set of dumbbells never comes like a wrong choice. That’s what you get with the Ringstar Starring set.

These come with a chromed and spray-painted cast-iron build. They look shiny while providing outstanding durability that makes them last for decades.

The paint also ensures that they stay rust-free and clean. But the real advantage comes from the stickiness, so the dumbells won’t move too much when paired together with the discs or weights.

You will have 5-pound weights to add for a total of 52.5 pounds per dumbbell. And you can handle them easily by hand, either to adjust the load or to simply set up when needed.

The traditional design allows ease of use as well, which you will enjoy either as a beginner or an experienced weightlifter.

  • High-quality cast-iron build with spray chrome paint ensures decades of use
  • Excellent weights addition so you can equip each dumbbell at up to 52.5 pounds
  • Straightforward set up so you don’t need tools or unique processes with easy-to-use design
  • Grips are a little rough on the hands which could feel uncomfortable over time
  • Not as practical or easy to use as expected given their design demands constant weight change

What We Liked About It

These dumbbells are super simple. You won´t have to do much to get the most out of this pair as it offers everything, from an easy setup process to an excellent array of weights. It saves you the time and effort that other types of dumbbells do not.

Merax Deluxe Adjustable Dial Dumbbell

Merax Deluxe

Check Price on Amazon

Merax is one of the highest-quality brands you can get for your gym equipment. And with the Deluxe set of dumbbells, you will get no less than exceptional results.

Each dumbbell can go from 11 pounds up to 71.5 pounds in increments of 5.5 pounds. That’s enough to work for a wide array of users, as well as exercises.

You will get the chance to adjust the weight directly from its tray using the dial system. This adds extra convenience and makes the whole process a piece of cake.

Lastly, they are super durable. You won’t have any problem making these dumbbells last several years, which comes like a beneficial advantage for any gym builder.

Overall, they offer simplicity and ease of use plus the ideal durability that makes them perfect. You won’t find a single complaint to make with this set.

  • The most practical design with trays and optional stand for secure handling & storing
  • Superb weight changes going from 11 to 71.5 pounds so any user can enjoy with any exercise
  • High-quality construction ensures a durable and reliable experience that keeps working for years
  • The dial system can take a little more time to adjust than expected which reduces convenience
  • The dumbbells stick to the tray if you try to lift all weights at the same time without adjustment

What We Liked About It

They are super comfy when compared to previous models. You won’t have to wear any hand protection or gloves to use these dumbbells. These dumbbells will come like a gem for those who don’t want to hurt their hands while exercising.

TELK Adjustable Dumbbells


Check Price on Amazon

This pair of dumbbells come in several sizes and weights options. You can get the 25-pound, the 65-pound, 105-pound or the 200-pound model if needed.

Whatever you go for, you will get a highly durable set that will keep working for several years. The cast-iron construction with enamel finish also looks outstanding, offering a layer of rust protection for decades.

The handles come with a textured chrome design. This allows extra rust protection while ensuring a more comfortable grip. You won’t have to worry about slippages when using these dumbbells.

And finally, they come with a decently compared design so you can store them whenever you want. Even handling them is a piece of cake thanks to this design. Add up the easy-to-adjust system with 10-inches connector, and you won’t have any problem using these dumbbells at all.

  • Ideal build that keeps the rust off and maintains them looking neat for several years
  • Top-notch chrome handle design that prevents rust and any type of corrosion for extra durability
  • Comes in sets of different weights options so users can pick the right one according to their needs
  • The sealing nut may loosen up over time which could make the dumbbell a little unstable
  • The bulky weights or plates can make the dumbbell slightly awkward and challenging to use

What We Liked About It

The unique gloss finish on the plates and the shiny chrome handles add an excellent appearance to the whole set of dumbbells no matter the weight option you get. You can make any gym look better with this option.

Unipack Adjustable Dumbbell Kit


Check Price on Amazon

Rugged and straightforward, there’s no other word to describe the kit of adjustable dumbbells from Unipack. It offers precisely what you could need from one of these sets, including a 200-pound overall capacity with 24 different weight plates to install on the handles.

The set is still small, especially with the chrome handles. And the plates are made of cast-iron, which ensures top-notch durability and prevents rust from happening.

Both the collars or nuts and the handles are threaded, pairing up well with a secure nut that keeps the plates well-adjusted. You won’t experience too much instability when using, which ensures a safer and more comfortable experience.

You can set the dumbbells in increments of 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or 2.5 pounds up to 100 pounds in total. It will give enough versatility for any user to enjoy superior results.

  • The perfect number of weights for a more versatile & easy-to-use set of dumbbells for any user
  • Sturdy and durable construction and design with chrome handles & cast-iron plates
  • Comfy handles allow any user to enjoy fast and smooth operation without danger
  • The paint on plates may smear and leave spots on clothes and hands in the first few weeks of use
  • The collar or securing nut can be difficult to take in and out to change weights consistently

What We Liked About It

It has a simple design with no gloss or shiny paint, which ensures a more durable and decent appearance over time. This also prevents any rust from happening in the first place and avoids scratches and other similar superficial damage.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Lifting Dumbbells


Check Price on Amazon

People often overlook AmazonBasics products due to their simplicity – but we instead love them. This set of glossy dumbbells has a weight capacity of 38-pound in total, which makes it a perfect choice for home gyms.

It boasts four 2.5 and 5-pound plates each, which makes it easy to enjoy and tweak depending on your needs. You will also get the small barbells with textured handles along with four collars for extra convenience. The collars and the ends of the handles work together well to secure the weights sturdily.

All the plates are made of high-quality metal with a semi-gloss finish, ensuring tons of durability, lack of rust, and excellent looks. This pairs up well with a rugged PP plastic case, making the set easy to carry and store when needed.

  • Fantastic construction with semi-gloss finish ensures a super durable set of weights
  • Small weight capacity with carrying case allows this set to be portable and easily stored anywhere
  • A secure and convenient set of barbells and collars for fast & easy setup when needed
  • Not the best weight capacity for users who need lots of weight
  • The textured grips are slightly harmful and painful to grab without gloves

What We Liked About It

The portability and practicality of the set ensure a much more comfortable experience with this set. You can even take this set of dumbbells when traveling around, and there won’t be an issue due to how light and handy it is.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells


Check Price on Amazon

This set has an advantage over all others – and it all comes down to its connector add-on. You can pick several types of weight options going from 40 pounds up to 200 pounds in total. But the benefit comes from the chance to piece up to two dumbbells together to create a barbell thanks to a connector.

All the weight plates are still long-lasting with a black paint surface that keeps rust & corrosion away. And with the Diamond knurled chrome handle, you can expect even more durability and a decently comfortable barbell with extra-grip capacity.

The collars or nuts are also interestingly effective. They come with a star-lock design for extra safety and offer rubber trims that prevent any type of loosening while using. On top of that, the whole set is a piece of cake to set up, store, and even carry anywhere if needed.

  • Superb cast-iron weight plates and diamond-knurled handles for excellent durability & resilience
  • The practical connector attaches dumbbells together to create a large barbell for versatility
  • Safe and easy-to-use star-lock collars for a more reliable and easy to use
  • The 1.15-inches thick handles don’t fit plates from other manufacturers which reduces convenience
  • The black paint of the plates tends to chip over time which could smear on clothes and skin

What We Liked About It

This is one of the cheapest options you will find out there. For the price of a high-end model that offers half the weight capacity, you can get this one and enjoy almost the same results. If you’re trying to save some money without leaving quality behind, this is the set for you.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set

CAP-BarbellCheck Price on Amazon

If we had to pick the highest-quality traditional dumbbell set on the list, we wouldn’t choose any other model apart from this one.

This set includes two handles with up 200 pounds of weight, depending on the option you go for. And you will still get several weight plates so you can configure each dumbbell according to your needs in a breeze.

The weight plates are made of cast-iron with a semi-gloss finish. They provide outstanding rust & corrosion resistance. You will also get top-notch durability from the solid steel handles with chrome finish.

Along with the rubber trimmed collars with a threaded design that ensures an ultra-safe experience. And with the grip-oriented handles design, you won’t ever lose the dumbbells from your hand – no matter the exercise.

  • High-quality construction with cast-iron and solid steel ensures a long-lasting set of dumbbells
  • The semi-gloss and the chrome finishes prevent them from scratching or getting dirty
  • Safe and textured handles provide a sturdier grip, so you never drop them by mistake
  • It boasts an oily paint smell at first which can be uncomfortable for most users
  • The rubber washers on the collars tend to fall off easily when swapping weights

What We Liked About It

They will stay clean and scratch-free for longer when compared to other models. That’s a huge advantage because you can equip a gym with good-looking dumbbells without worrying about them wearing off over time.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

PowerBlock Elite

Check Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for handiness over everything else, then you won’t believe how fantastic the PowerBlock Elite set is.

It offers different weight options going from 50 up to 90 pounds in total. You can also get an expansion kit of 50-70 pounds so you can increase the total weight capacity of each dumbbell exponentially.

The exciting part is the weight increments and the adjustability system. You can set them up in increments of 5 pounds starting from 2.5 pounds. And sure enough, the process is easy and super secure which saves you tons of time and effort.

On top of that, the dumbbells are super small when compared to competitors. They come in an awkward box-like design, but the size allows exceptional convenience.

By just taking out the screws that keep the dumbbell together and adding or getting some weight out, you can adjust each dumbbell according to your needs.

  • Super convenient adjustability system that ensures a safer and faster process
  • The excellent design saves a lot of space and makes each dumbbell easy to use for any exercise
  • They come with additional weight expansions so you can increase overall capacity
  • The dumbbells may shift or rattle slightly which can be problematic when using
  • The caged design of the dumbbells can be awkward and uncomfortable at first

What We Liked About It

The unique cage-like design of the dumbbells makes it easy to store and use. Those who appreciate convenience over anything else will surely love the design of these dumbbells, especially for how much time and effort they save.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech

Check Price on Amazon

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – the Bowflex Selectech set of dumbbells probably offers precisely what you want.

These aren’t the largest set you’ll find, as each dumbbell only offers 52.5 pounds of overall weight capacity. But still, the practicality, ease of use, and exceptional design they offer set them apart from the entire competition.

The first thing is the weight increment, offering 2.5-pounds of increase per level. And sure enough, you just need to switch from one weight to the other using a super handy dial system. With a simple click you can get the weight you want directly from the tray.

You won’t be disappointed with durability either, as they come with super sturdy construction boasting molded metal plates with a rubberized handle. This not only ensures a more long-lasting set of dumbbells but also increases how well they look and provide excellent grip.

Finally, you can enjoy the Bowflex SelectTech App on your smartphone, which is super helpful for journaling and building workouts. Overall, it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • The most practical dial system for weight changes directly from the tray with 2.5-pound increments
  • Super convenient design with tray saves a lot of space and time when storing away
  • Comfortable and grip-oriented handles ensure a safer and much more enjoyable workout
  • Not the highest weight capacity at only 25 pounds per dumbbell
  • The really long dumbbell design can be a little problematic for some exercises

What We Liked About It

You don’t need to waste any time or effort, either storing or changing weights on the dumbbells. The dial system along with the tray allows every user to have a super convenient experience with the weights. This saves a lot of time, effort, and makes exercising much more enjoyable.

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You may think you’re ready to pick the ideal adjustable dumbbell, but we can assure you that you’re actually not. Why do we believe this? Well, there’s still a lot to learn about them. And once you learn more, you’ll have a better idea of what to go for so you can prevent any mistake when picking. Here are the factors we’re talking about:

  • Types

After going through the reviews, you probably found that not all dumbbells work the same way. And it happens mainly due to the kind of adjustability they come with.

Here, you will find two main types: traditional weight-changing methods and modern ones.

The traditional methods consist of weight plates, threaded ends on the barbells, and a nut or collar that secures them together. This is an excellent choice for those who want simplicity and much more versatility, as they leave the user to select exactly the amount of weight they want, with a very high weight limit.

The only problem with traditional dumbbells is that changing weights can be a headache. If you’re constantly changing them for different exercises or intensities, then you may end up wasting a lot of training time in the process. To prevent that, you will need to get several dumbbells instead, which can be costly.

In contrast, modern weight-changing systems rely heavily on trays or straightforward systems. They are super practical, meaning they allow users to save time and effort that changing weights often demand in traditional models. But they don’t offer as much versatility and often have a limited amount of weight.

Here, you should pick whatever matches your needs the most. If you’re a fitness person who’s always changing weights for different exercises or needs much more versatility, then a traditional dumbbell is your way to go.

But if you don’t need that much versatility and just want to save the time and effort, then go for a modern adjustment system. It will not suck your time away when adjusting the weights.

  • Design & Shape

As we said before, traditional and modern types of dumbbells are pretty different from each other, and it all starts with their design and shape.

Traditional models are like their name says, regular barbells with two ends where the weights go. They are simple and often large or small. But the real advantage comes from the straightforward design, so they are super easy to use and make it comfortable to use. In fact, if you’ve used dumbbells before, you’ve probably used these.

In contrast, modern types with unique adjustment systems tend to be either larger or awkward to use. Some models come with box-like designs, others are super large for the dial-system to fit, and you may even find others a little too wide or large for some exercises.

But that doesn’t mean traditional models are better. They’re sometimes larger and more challenging to use than modern ones. Still, it is common to find standard models to be way more practical in terms of design, but without the handy features.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is measured in pounds. And it can go anywhere from 1 or 2 pounds up to 100 pounds or even more per dumbbell.

This relies heavily on the type of adjustment system you pick. For example, traditional models can go up anywhere from 5 or 10 pounds up to 200 pounds in the heaviest options. This is a huge weight capacity, and it all comes down to how many weight plates you can add up to each barbell.

As for modern dumbbells, you will also receive decent weight capacity, but just not as much. They often stay between 2.5 pounds up to 50 pounds in the largest models. But you may find a few options that come with extendable designs or accessories so you can increase the weight even more if needed.

Overall, we recommend going for the weight capacity that matches better with your demands. If you’re a weightlifter, who needs tons of weight – then go for a traditional model that offers more capacity. But if you don’t need that much capacity, then a small modern option will work well for you.

  • Construction & Materials

It is not a surprise that most adjustable dumbbells come with a sturdy build. They need to be strong enough to withstand constant without rusting, corroding, or getting dirty too fast.

That’s why the ideal set of materials is always important. If you don’t pick a dumbbell set with the right materials, then you may end up with something that doesn’t last too much or eventually looks awful. And even though we’re talking about exercising equipment, you will still dislike something unreliable or ugly.

Here, we recommend materials that are as sturdy as they can be. The most common material would be cast-iron for the weight plates or discs. It is not a bad material; it is actually one of the best. But it is not only about the construction of the piece but also about the finish.

Some discs or plates come with glossy finishes while others come with shiny or chrome-like finishes. We recommend the best finish possible, so it resists rusts and manages to look well enough. But if you pick something without a finish and only black paint, that won’t be a wrong choice either.

For the handles, we recommend chrome finish. This way you can separate the barbell from the weights quickly. But the advantage comes from the stainless and spotless capacity of chrome finishes – which ensures the handles last a lot of time even with constant contact with human hands and sweat.

  • Comfort & Grip

If you’ve ever used dumbbells, you’ll know how important it is to have something comfortable enough on your hands.

Comfort comes directly from the design and overall shape of the product. This is not easy to pick, though. You will find that most handles are made of metals such as solid steel, which can be difficult to make comfortable. But the right grip can always provide something cozy that harms your palm.

For us, the best way to pick something that you won’t have any problem grabbing is by choosing low-textured handles. Yes, texture is essential for grip, but if it doesn’t have too much, then you will not end up harming your hands that much. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly need some gloves to prevent damage.

But comfort doesn’t work alone. As you see, it also has a significant effect on grip or safety. That’s why we always recommend handles that come with decently-textured designs, so you can grab the dumbbell comfortably and don’t lose grip even if your hands are humid from sweat or weak from the weight.

For example, diamond-knurled handles tend to be the best ones for grip, but they can be somewhat uncomfortable. Instead, you can go for something with a decent grip that feels comfortable enough, like molded handles or rubberized ones.

When it comes to comfort and grip, you’ll find that traditional models are often way better at offering safety and control, but they can be super uncomfortable. But modern ones tend to have the perfect balance between grip and comfort. This is not a rule, though, and it may vary depending on the specific model.

  • Convenience & Ease of Use

Now, it is time to learn about the practicality and overall handling ease of use of the dumbbells. This time, we’re going to forget about the types, and we’re going to focus only on how convenient and easy-to-use each dumbbell can be.

The main thing to know is that convenience comes mainly from the additional features you get. Here, you can find anything from trays and stands up to connectors.

A tray will help the dumbbell to stay safe and store easily. While a stand will help to keep it elevated so the user can grab it and use when needed without having to kneel down every time. And sure enough, connectors and additional weights can also be helpful, transforming dumbbells into barbells or adding extra weights.

All of these features will help you have a way better experience when using the dumbbells. They will also make storage more practical, and may even make your exercises easier and less tiring.

If you can go for any of these features, you will probably end up with a product that’s totally worth having.

  • Price

To finish this buying guide, we’re going to talk about the cost of the dumbbells. This is a slightly more difficult part to consider, mainly because price differs enormously between types of dumbbells where traditional models tend to be way more affordable. But still, it is essential to mention.

Let’s start by saying that adjustable dumbbells are the most expensive type there is. Fixed dumbbells and other similar ones are often way more affordable because they don’t need many features. But adjustable ones need to be more practical, so they demand more parts and unique design.

Now that you’re aware of that, it is vital to mention that traditional models are the most affordable you will find. A set of simple barbells with threaded ends for the nut or collar to enter is super simple to make, and they’re often cheap. But of course, the material choice is also essential, as well as the finishes of the metals.

For example, most weight plates are made of cast-iron, which is cheap. But when you add regular paint, the price doesn’t change much. But if you have something glossy that prevents rusts and keeps the plates clean, then you’ll be adding a higher price to the entire dumbbell kit.

The same happens with the handles. This time it is not only about the paint or the looks, but about the design. Some handles come with grip-oriented designs, which are often more challenging to make and could add a higher price to the piece. Most handles are chromed, though, so the price shouldn’t change much.

But then you find modern types of dumbbells. These are way more expensive than traditional ones, and it is not a surprise. The practical designs and unique features they offer often sets them up apart from the competition due to their practicality. But this comes with a downside: a hefty price tag.

And if you add unique designs or specific features that no other sets of dumbbells have, then you’re likely to find them even more expensive. The priciest ones are often the dial-adjustable models with trays, as they’re more complicated to make and end up being more practical than others.

Price shouldn’t be the first thing to make an impact on which dumbbell set you pick. But still, make sure to consider it to prevent any waste of your money in the short and long run.

Additional Tips to Consider

As you know already, there are several things to think about when buying an adjustable dumbbell set, but there’s still a lot to learn. That’s why we’re offering a small collection of tips on how to get the most of your dumbbell set:

  • While most dumbbells are supposed to be rust-resistant, they are not waterproof. While they could handle sweat and constant use, they are not made to stand constant humidity. So, keep them indoors at all times and as dry as possible to prevent rust and other weather-related issues.
  • Having a lot of weight capacity doesn’t really help if the weight changes are too far apart. For example, a 200-pound dumbbell can be useless if the plates are all 10-pound each or more. Instead, choose models with plates of different weights so you can have more versatility when using.
  • For an overall better pick of dumbbells, we strongly recommend metallic models over any other material. Of course, plastics and rubber are not bad choices, but they often wear out faster than merely metal.

So, are you ready to start your weightlifting at home or build a gym with these adjustable dumbbells? Then pick the one you prefer, and you won’t be disappointed. All these models are of the highest quality you can find, and will ensure a long-lasting experience. You just need to go for whatever matches your needs the most, and you’ll be picking the right one. Consider our advice and recommendations, and you’ll be on the right path.

Have you ever used adjustable dumbbells before? What do you think of the options on this list? Are you interested in any of these? Let us know down below!

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